“First, how does one get lost? And then, how do they recognize that they are lost? What does one lose when they are lost? Can one be lost without being defeated? What do the wayward do when they are decidedly … Continue reading


Happy Hour

In effort to address the unusual situation of a five day exhibition in a “popup” gallery, UWHAH chose to provide an event that British Columbians are not privy to: Happy Hour. Each morning the time at which Happy Hour would … Continue reading

Eight Piece Luggage Set (Canoe)

UWHAH brought this large sculptural work to New York with a little help from their friends. Typically multi-tasking, this repurposed canoe was sectioned and capped into eight pieces of luggage and brought to Manhattan from Vancouver by their friends and … Continue reading


Fall Fume Arrow Climber

UWHAH spent the winter working on their rural barn-studio while mulling over four ‘things’ submitted to them, by request, by four curators. The resulting four sculptural works that comprise Fall Fume Arrow Climber are elegant solutions to the complex problem … Continue reading


Epic Portage (Luggage Canoe)

UWHAH altered this canoe so it could be disassemble into pieces that nest inside one another until it is the size of two pieces of airline luggage. Displayed vertically, this voluminous, curved sculpture reveals that its form was derived from its function. … Continue reading


Ginger Goodwin Way

UWHAH created these works specifically for the Ginger Goodwin Way group exhibition. Taking a cue from the most recent contestation in the saga of Ginger Goodwin, who inspired the first General Strike in Canada, they brought a highway and a … Continue reading

03 Beacon for the Moonshined Wanderer (Chandelier) 2009 (in use)Feature

UWHAH Launch

UWHAH created three new sculptural works to contextualize their work Kneeling Reprise (Chairs) and accommodate the launch of their book UWHAH. Challenging themselves to work site-specifically in a commercial gallery, the exhibition was based off the gallerist’s request to exhibit … Continue reading

11 Kneeling wall 2007Feature

Lobby Finale: Kneeling Reprise

After two years of facilitating site-specific exhibitions in the run-down lobby of a hotel in Vancouver’s impoverished Downtown Eastside, UWHAH decided to use the exhibition wall itself to convey their resignation in from the project. Overlapping Christmas displays, alcohol regulations, … Continue reading



For the group exhibition Welcome, curated by Leif Hall in and around a house, UWHAH used a found bleacher to put the audience on display. Those taking the comfort of seating and shelter from the rain also had the lighting dragon … Continue reading