UWHAH Studio, January 2011



Until We Have A Helicopter is the collaborative entity of Vancouver-based artists Wes Cameron and Matthew Robertson. Working together since 2005 they have developed a practice that includes large-scale sculptural production, curatorial projects, gallery direction and functional-object making. Invoking themes of sport, leisure, travel and adventure to humanize a conceptual approach, UWHAH perpetuate the overlap of life and art with a serious and critical wit.


Every work is created conscientious of its determined situation. This site-specificity also applies to the idea that the work is generated by two imaginations, and that duality is included in the realization. The works are meant to address two audiences: the centre and the periphery, the city and the country, those knowledgeable of art history and those not. Amalgamating these polarities provides engagement and accessibility to dissimilar interests, resulting in a unique, autonomous form.