Third Story

In effort to curate site-specifically, Until We Have A Helicopter addressed Back Gallery Project’s unusual third floor location by inviting artists to create works for the exhibition that would enter the gallery through its third story window without the use … Continue reading

08 UWHAH Prequel (LEO) 2008Feature

UWHAH: Prequel

Invited to curate an exhibition at Gallery Atsui, Until We Have A Helicopter used the opportunity to work with artists to create a show about their collaborative entity. Seven artists were given loose suggestions of important themes and ideas in … Continue reading

14 Lobby Gallery 2005Feature

Lobby Gallery

UWHAH constructed a ten-foot tall, 18-foot wide wall of studs, particle board, and drywall with a secured two-foot wide access space between it and the original wall. Track lighting was hung from the false ceiling and an exhibition space was … Continue reading