UWHAH: Prequel

Invited to curate an exhibition at Gallery Atsui, Until We Have A Helicopter used the opportunity to work with artists to create a show about their collaborative entity. Seven artists were given loose suggestions of important themes and ideas in the form of films, activities, eras, and accomplishments, all meant to capture the spirit of UWHAH.

Artists were also given three options for producing work:
1. produce a work yourself
2. give UWHAH instructions on how to produce a work for you
3. collaborate with UWHAH to produce a work

Also available to the artists were tools in their possession that UWHAH felt would be useful for production:
• Canoes (2) – one blue, one faded red
• Trucks (2) – one white ’95 Chevy S-10, one grey ’95 Ford F150
• Barn (1) – old, bare wood, on a tree farm in Chilliwack

With only one month to develop a contribution to an imagined history to, or mythology behind UWHAH, Raymond Boisjoly, Mark Dudiak, Babak Golkar, Robert Niven, Arvo Leo, Erica Stocking, and Ron Tran were able to cultivate legend.

Babak Golkar

Mark Dudiak

Mark Dudiak, Eternity Now video

Raymond Boisjoly

Ron Tran

Arvo Leo