Until We Have A Helicopter

Wes Cameron 604.505.4639

Matthew Robertson 778.866.0100


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC

2004/2005 respectively


02.2013 Lost, Gallery 295, Vancouver BC

02.2013 Andante, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC

Curated by Nan Campogna

11.2012 As Far As I Can See, Artspeak, Vancouver BC

Curated Kim Nguyen

08.2012 Happy Hour, Quinary Art Projects, Vancouver BC

09.2011 Eight Piece Luggage Set (Canoe), Ed. Varie, New York NY

03.2011 Fall Fume Arrow Climber, Gallery Fukai, Vancouver BC

curated by Eric Fredericksen, Kathleen Ritter, Camilla Singh, Janneke de Vries

02.2010 Alternorthern, The Lab, San Francisco CA

curated by Jason Gowans and Kevin Bertram

01.2010 Ginger Goodwyn Way , Or Gallery, Vancouver BC

curated by Jesse Birch

01.2009 UWHAH, Jeffrey Boone Gallery, Vancouver BC

03.2007 Lobby Finale: Kneeling Reprise, Lobby Gallery, Vancouver BC

10.2005 Welcome, 536 East .20th, Vancouver BC

curated by Leif Hall


10.2009 Back Gallery Project, Vancouver BC

The Gravity of the Situation 

Cedric Bomford, Instant Coffee, Michael Drebert, Mark Dudiak

Sue Nagy, Ryan & Nicole, Ian Sked, Kika Thorn

11.2008 Gallery Atsui, Vancouver BC

UWHAH Prequel

Raymond Boisjoly, Mark Dudiak, Babak Golkar,

Arvo Leo, Robert Niven, Erica Stocking, Ron Tran

2005-2007 Lobby Gallery, Vancouver BC


Over the course of two years, 30+ artists in more than 20

shows, tested the boundaries of exhibition in a transitional

and multi-purposed arena.


07.2012 Ginger Goodwyn Way   Raymond Boisjoly on UWHAH

02.2010 Alternorthern    Jason Gowans and Kevin Bertram on UWHAH

01.2009 UWHAH    Wes Cameron, David Lehman, Graeme Abernethy, Mark Dudiak on UWHAH

10.2006 All Work and No Play   Emmy Lee on Sasha Krieger 

09.2006 Project 671    Martin Thacker on Michael Drebert

04.2006 The Third or Forth Day of Spring Zuzia Juszkeiwicz on Paul Fortin


03.2011 Camilla Singh  AGYU Studio Blog   “Uniforms for non-Uniform work

10.2009 Liza Lee  Examiner Online  “Indoor and Outdoor Art”

09.2006 Burnham, Clint The Vancouver Sun  “Cool, funny and thoughtful just enjoy it

06.2006 Selcer, Anne Lesley  Fillip    “The State of Refuge in Vancouver

02.2005 Corden, Elaine The Westender  “Hotel lobby-ists get their own Dominion

04.2005 Witt, Ryan  The Georgia Straight  “Art Books

05.2005 Niazi, Amil   Vancouver Magazine  “Dominion Days

05.2005 Witt, Ryan   The Georgia Straight  “Portrait of an Artist: Babak Golkar

07.2005 Corden, Elaine The Westender  “Space closes, another pops up

09.2005 Corden, Elaine The Westender  “Exciting young artspaces

09.2005Burnham, Clint The Vancouver Sun  “Compelling art at Swarm

10.2005Witt, Ryan  The Georgia Straight  “Portrait of an Artist:Kathryn Dingwall”


11.2011 Lecturer, Langara College, Vancouver BC

02.2010 Lecturer, San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA

02.2009 Lecturer, Contemporary Art Society of Vancover, Vancouver BC

09.2007 Contributor, Contemporary Art Gallery Auction, Vancouver BC