Eight Piece Luggage Set (Canoe)

UWHAH brought this large sculptural work to New York with a little help from their friends. Typically multi-tasking, this repurposed canoe was sectioned and capped into eight pieces of luggage and brought to Manhattan from Vancouver by their friends and family by way of planes, trains, and automobiles. The white-washed work is easily reassembled should the city flood and floating transportation be required.

This was a further incarnation of the work “Epic Portage (Luggage Canoe)” in which the two artists took the same canoe to a San Francisco exhibition by designing it to ‘nest’ into their own two pieces of self-contained baggage.  For this exhibition they asked those joining them on the trip to participate by helping them bring the piece.

The act of bringing a canoe on an airplane is meant to address the perceived and actual distance between metropolis and remote wilderness.  How well off would you be if you crashed on a deserted island with the luggage items you typically carry on a flight?  At what point did North American pioneers have the opportunity to create art instead of just concentrating on survival?  With this rudimentary streamlining of form and function, UWHAH propose that through a historic gaze, they are doing both at the same time.

Ed. Varie, New York

8 Piece Luggage Set (Canoe) – Yellow Procession

8 Piece Luggage Set (Canoe) – Brown Procession