Fall Fume Arrow Climber

UWHAH spent the winter working on their rural barn-studio while mulling over four ‘things’ submitted to them, by request, by four curators. The resulting four sculptural works that comprise Fall Fume Arrow Climber are elegant solutions to the complex problem of aligning contemporary curatorial interests in language (a common thread in the submitted ‘things’) with the more immediate practical concerns that homesteaders have addressed for generations while settling rugged Western Canada. UWHAH have adapted elements of survival into functional studio implements, then further refined them as works for the gallery. These installed assemblages address the present-day relevance of ‘center versus periphery’ and the perpetuating delay in cultural dissemination between those spheres. Also, inspired by the resemblance of their studio’s silhouette to an arrow pointing to the sky, UWHAH link the helicopter’s vertical take-off ability to professional advancement and personal progression. The act of ‘moving up’ is evident throughout their new production.


Curated by

Eric Fredericksen
Kathleen Ritter
Camilla Singh
Janneke de Vries