Ginger Goodwin Way

UWHAH created these works specifically for the Ginger Goodwin Way group exhibition. Taking a cue from the most recent contestation in the saga of Ginger Goodwin, who inspired the first General Strike in Canada, they brought a highway and a road sign into the gallery.

Our Way is a slight obstacle, one somewhat interesting to cross over due to its interior location, unusual construction, and necessity in accessing the exhibition. With the viewer being forced to cross over Our Way in order to see the rest of the exhibition, he or she may consider the dividing aspect of a road, something typically thought to connect. This two-sidedness is meant to relate to the polarizing legend of Ginger Goodwin. This piece was assembled from chunks of asphalt collected from demolished roads throughout the region to address the potential of recycled histories, the reusing of things created for a different purpose aligns with the re-telling of stories with omissions or embellishments affecting fabrication.

Our Way Sign resembles a typical highway sign, but instead of displaying a name in text, we silently take ownership by structurally altering the surface, bending it into an elbow-height ledge to provide a convenient physical attribute not often found in a gallery. It can function as a place to rest your drink, lean on, or jot down some notes.

Or Gallery, Vancouver