UWHAH Launch

UWHAH created three new sculptural works to contextualize their work Kneeling Reprise (Chairs) and accommodate the launch of their book UWHAH. Challenging themselves to work site-specifically in a commercial gallery, the exhibition was based off the gallerist’s request to exhibit Kneeling Reprise (Chairs): two seats made from slices of the 18-foot-long cantilevered bench that was once the exhibition wall at Lobby Gallery before it was ‘knelt’ into submission. The three functional sculptures were meant to address an elemental void of the modernist gallery and comfort of the viewer.

Enter the surprisingly warm gallery to see a heavy rope secured to a cleat disappear over a wall. Hang your coat on a rack of handles protruding from another wall. See that the rope suspends a giant chandelier made from antique lanterns. Find that the source of the warmth is hearth-encompassed space heaters, the mantle a plinth displaying copies of UWHAH. Purchase one to read while you relax on throne-like chairs and observe the back side of the coat rack where a dozen different sport utensils protrude in parallel slant.

UWHAH is a personal document of the history of Until We Have A Helicopter. It includes the story of Lobby Gallery and highlights several of the exhibitions held there. Also included are images of work made by other artists in Prequel an exhibition where artists attempted to assist in creating a mythology behind UWHAH.